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Freyas Sang

This page is dedicated to my Scandinavian music project called Freyas Sang

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The King of Norway! 

My first performance.

I was 8 years old. We lived in Norway and I was learning to play the cello. My teacher was invited to have his ensemble come play for the king. 

I still have my 1/2 size cello that I played that day. 

My only disappointment as a child was that the King didn't wear a crown! I was totally unimpressed! Haha

freyas sang erika may with cello

Recent years have brought the opportunity to perform with my mother. She performs on the Norwegian traditional instrument, the Hardangar Fiddle. We perform the Scandinavian folk songs, many of which I learned as a child, both from living in Norway and the records my parents had from their traditions. For instance every Christmas we listened to and sang along with Swedish carols.

Mom has spent years studying Hardangar fiddle repertoire. 

Freyas Sang - hardangar fiddle

Freyas Sang has been invited many times to perform at the annual Nordic Fair in Tucson, AZ. We love the opportunity to bring our love of traditional Scandinavian music to you. 

Byssan Lull performed by Freyas Sang at the Nordic fair

Mom and I perform the Norwegian National Anthem!

The Norwegian National Anthem - Ja vi elsker dette landet

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